Monday, January 10, 2005

A weekend filled with delights, etc…

Which is to say that, for the most part, it was great.

We had people over for dinner for the first time at our new home! I made smothered chicken. Vicky sautéed green beans. This all started with a spinach salad. Hey, we were like real adults! Vicky's friends, Paula & Don, were our guests - and it was a great time!

We spent Saturday - pretty much the whole day - shopping! I bought myself this new, black jacket that, according to Vicky at least, will be replacing the denim jacket as my signature outerwear… But you have to understand, I've been wearing a denim jacket (my present one is my fourth, I believe) since I was 17! When people see a denim jacket, they think, "Oh, god. Ken's in town!" Now, it looks like I'll be changing to this black one. You're going to have to get used to that. (Though I do have a feeling that Vicky will get sick of this jacket eventually, too…)

But the purchase that I want to gloat the most about is also the one that is, by far, the dorkiest. (Shut up, Autumn!) Now, you know I used to collect comic books, right? I loved them! If they hadn't become so expensive, I'd still be buying them! But they did. I was spending over $20/week on comics! Eventually, I stopped buying. I sold off some of my collection. This year, I'm going to get rid of the rest. Bye bye comics…. Or maybe not. You see, when we were at Costco, I found this! "40 Years of Amazing Spiderman!" On 11 cds, they pack 501 issues of comics - and it was only $30! HELLO! That's less than six cents per issue!! If Topics Entertainment puts out another collection, I'll probably snap that up, too! But, sadly, right now they only have this on their web site…. Patience, young padawan…. Patience….

This weekend wasn't all sunshine and flowers, though. (For that matter, there was NO sunshine. It rained all weekend!.... But I did buy Vicky some flowers…) I was hoping to get a batch of CDs out this weekend… until Othello (one of the cats) knocked them onto the floor, shattering a bunch of jewel cases and scratching one of the master CDs…. Which is the equivalent of the old "my dog ate my homework" story…

Be patient….

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