Monday, January 10, 2005

Vicky is just plain wrong…

It took me a while to think of the heading for this My Side but I think you'll agree that I've hit the nail on the head.

Vicky met my father this weekend. Dad and Blanche took Vicky and I out to dinner Friday night. Vicky liked Blanche but, then, what's not to like.

The shocking news of the night came afterwards, when she said that she thought my dad was funny.

My dad! Funny!

Oh, no he's not! You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone LESS funny in the whole world! OH, he TRIES to be funny but he's so very not!

Meanwhile, Vicky never laughs at my jokes. She doesn't think I'm funny at all! But I have proof! I have video tapes! People think I'm funny!

Me! Not my dad!

So, what the hell is wrong with Vicky, anyway?! She's just plain, wrong! Dead wrong!

I'll be keeping my eyes on her for any other bizarre behavior and reporting back...

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