Friday, August 15, 2003

Another work-week is closing like a door... that will be reopened in just a couple days... stupid door...

Can you join me in one big, group "OY"?

It's been a few days since my last update so I thought I pass some words along your way... there's just so guaranty these words will make any sense!

First, to the topic you're probably most wondering about, yes, I started taking St. Jon's Wort on Sunday. That's nearly a week ago and my sleep has improved - somewhat. Well, I'm still not sleeping too much but, at least, my nightmare's don't resolve in me screaming my lungs out or running out of my apartment in terror. So, there's that. On the other hand, I only had one regular night of sleep (six hours) this week.

So, I'm tired.

With only two weeks to go until the new show opens, I'm beginning to think that Steve (our Fuhrer, er, director) doesn't care if Bogart sounds like Bogart. He still sounds VERY British. The weird thing is that other cast members tell him he's doing a good job. Am I nuts? This just doesn't make any sense! I mean, the crux of the play is that the lead character is visited by Bogart. Bogart! Not someone who wears a trench coat and calls himself Bogart but Bogart! Call me nuts.

Looks like my good friend, Sean, is losing his house. This is very disturbing news. He and his wife and been through so much. Since Rosa and I have split up, I've told Sean that it can't go south for both of us. Since my life sucked so badly, his had to get better. Well, that doesn't seem to be happening. It's time's like this I wish I believed in a God... so I could hate him.

On the up side, there are the radio stations of Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice City. As some of you may know, in this state of the art game (a term I do NOT use lightly), you drive around town... sometimes in cars that only recently became yours! While driving, you can turn on the radio and listen to one of a dozen or so radio stations. I love the stations because they mix some great 80's tunes (the game is set in the 80's) with top notch comedy writing. So, I've been thinking about how I'd love to have these sound files (after all, you're not tuning in to a real station) to put on a cd. Well, now I can. I found a program that takes the files out of game code and puts them in mp3. Each "station" runs over an hour and I plan to be in hog heaven for a while!............ I freely admit it. My life is pathetic.

READERS! It's time for you to write to My Side! That's right! My email inbox is as desiccated as a Republican's heart and I need some mail. So, come on, kids! Write me! (This message brought to you by the guy who writes this junk.) It's easy! Just click the "Write to My Side" link on the right and past in that chain letter you recently got!... along with your credit card number...

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