Thursday, August 28, 2003

On Preview Nights, Grease Burns, Girls, and E-mails...

Yep, that's the laundry list! Let's start...

Last night was "Preview Night" for "Play it Again", the show with the British Bogart. For the first three minutes, he really tried to sound "Bogartian"... but ended up sounding like someone had punched him in the teeth. Then, he went back to sounding British.

And the strangest thing happened. The audience didn't care. It didn't matter to them. Okay, now we have to take a couple of things into consideration. First, they weren't paying. "Preview Night" is the night before opening night and is FOC for family and friends. Second, they were family and friends, so of course they were rooting for him! Third, this ain't Broadway, folks, and some people are far more easily entertained than others... such as, say, ME!

There was a reviewer in the audience... let's see what she says... (I'll keep you posted.)

Last weekend, I decided to fry some fish. This is something I don't usually do. In fact, the whole time we were married, it was Rosa who handled all of the "fish frying" duties. But, of course, I haven't been with Rosa for nearly four years and she ain't ever taking me back so I figured it was time I learned to fry my own damned fish!

This is the part where the grease burns come in. Now, I didn't quite notice them. (I was busy!) I did run my arm under cold water but had to return immediately to the fish, ya know? Well, nearly a week later, I have burn marks all over my right forearm, criss-crossing the massive scar I got from when they rebuilt my arm. (It's a long story.)

So, how long do grease burns take to heal???


Lisa. Lisa. Lisa.

Well, I can report that a definite rapport is developing between us. We always sit together in the group (the cast of the show). There's talking. There's a little touching.

This just feels weird. It's like pushing my way through jello - I can feel the resistance to spending time with anyone but Rosa in my head. But she doesn't love me - she told me that! She doesn't want me! Don't I deserve to find someone? Am I supposed to be alone my whole life?

But for however cute Lisa is, however nice she is, she's not Rosa. And I miss Rosa so much.

Is it any wonder this feels weird?

Last thing: This site has generated what you might call a "negative satisfaction" as far as email is concerned. That is to say, I haven't really received that much. Well, last night, I thought I'd test the email link (over there to the right)... and, um, I didn't get an email! So, I thought I'd ask you to test it, too. (Cause, really, what else do you have to do?) Click the link and send an email. After that, send me an email at, letting me know you sent me an email. Then, send an email to your mother. (When was the last time you emailed your mother?!)

Uh, excuse me. Anyway, this test will help me figure out what's wrong... or not. I actually don't have a clue how this works.

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