Monday, August 18, 2003

Beaten, sore, wounded, and sick...

Yep. It was a helluva weekend!

Saturday morning, I brought my car in to be serviced and, while I was waiting, decided to go for a walk. As you probably know, there's not a spot on earth that isn't sweltering this summer. I guess I should have known that, too. But I went for a walk anyway - out in the heat - and came back exhausted (it was about four or five miles), over-heating, and a bit burned. On the way back, I was going to stop at Juana's for a haircut. I need my haircut for this show - you know, the British Bogart show - and I thought I'd have Juana, who is Rosa's sister, do it. As soon as I neared the street to turn down, I started to get a panic attack. I had to forcibly steer the car to the turn and, realizing that I was working so hard just to turn down her street, it became very clear to me that I shouldn't go to Juana's. For once, I decided to listen to my body. (Mind you, I still need a haircut!)

That afternoon, Keith and I went to see Freddy vs Jason. What can I tell you? Take an Elm Street movie and a Friday the 13th movie, stick 'em in a blender, hit FRAPPE and this is the result. Scary? Nah. Funny? You bet! Action packed? Oh, GOD, yes! Dopey? Of course, it is. It's basically what you'd expect. Fun and stupid at the same time. I loved the hell out of it. "Man the torpedoes!"

That night, Keith and I went to Balboa and walked about. Keith's still the same obnoxious jerk that I grew up with but I'm realizing that, underneath that obnoxious jerk, there's a nice person in there. And it's terrifying how much he is like my father. I mean, Richard, Dwight, and I all have characteristics like dad but Keith is doing a spot-on impression of the guy. (Don't tell him I said that. He might take offense.)

Saturday night, like nearly every other night for the past month and a half, I was awoken by a nightmare and stayed up all night afterwards. I only fell back to sleep at about 7am and woke up at 10am with a little cough. Odd, I thought, as I hadn't been smoking that much.

Well, the cough went on and on until, by the afternoon, I realized I had more than just a cough. This was too bad, too, because Bruce (the lead in the British Bogart play - but not the British Bogart) was having a get-together at his house for the cast. I opted out, being sick and all.

I was more than just a little sick, too, and it pissed me off! I just had a fever three weeks ago. Come on! (Stress, I realized. I've had a lot of stress and this is how it's coming out.) I was up all night, coughing, wheezing, and blowing my nose. My throat hurt so much, it hurt to swallow - so drinking lots of water was out.

When I finally did fall asleep (5:30am, folks), I had my first regular dream in over a month. My mom was being bilked by a sleazy contractor and it was up to me and my two older brothers to stop him. (Mind you, I only have one older brother, so...) One of the brothers was Rob Morrow ("Joel" from Northern Exposure). The other brother looked disturbingly like Harrison Ford. What does that say??? (Hopefully, it says that the St. Jon's Wort is beginning to work!) Anyway, I woke up at 7am, feeling like hell but having to go to work anyway.

... How was your weekend?

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