Monday, August 11, 2003

For those who thought I was rooting for Ah-nold...

Well, the California Recall-David-a-thon has offically won, with everyone from Larry Flynt to Gary Coleman to the Terminator throwing their hats in the ring. Rather than stand back without an opinion as I usually do...


I just thought I'd give you my two bits on my choice, should David get thrown out. (Mind you, I'm still hoping he doesn't. There's no way you can tell me he was closer to Enron than Cheney!)

I first heard of Arianna Huffington when her right-wing husband was running for the Senate. Then, I heard of her again later... and kept hearing about her... and got really irritated. "Republican logic" is an oxymoron I'd rather avoid and hearing her spew her variety irritated me like a night tied up in front of a Fox News anchor.

(Didn't expect me to start like this, did you?)

Then, the strangest thing happened. I actually found that she was changing her views. In a single year - I think it was around the millenia - she went from the right, crossed the center, and tipped her toes into left-wing territory. ("Progressive" is an old term but liberals prefer to use that these days as it isn't spelled l-i-b-e-r-a-l.) Further to the left she went until she was leaning right up against the Green Party.

She'd probably prefer that no one remembered her Republican past. I think that anyone who can rethink beliefs they hold so firmly and change for the better, someone who has seen both sides of an issue, deserves a listen.

She's educated people about white-collar welfare, church and state sense, fuel economy - things that people are ignoring these days when it's far more entertaining to turn the war on TV. She's also spoken out against the war, against Shrub's tax giveaway, Cheney's crimes... What can I tell you? I fell in love with her.

She's certainly used her mind more vigorously, given it a more complete workout, than Conan the Unintelligible.

So, there's my briskly-written-as-I'm-presently-at-work endoresement.

Arianna for Gov.

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