Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Where'd all the women go?...

I remember hearing a long time ago that, after a certain age, there are far more single women than single men. From what I remember, that age is around 30 (or, at least, in the 30's).

Well, I'm 37. Where are all the single women?

I found out last night that everyone in this play I'm in is attached. I am the notable exception.

This is pathetic. It's been months since my last date - and longer than that (years) since a second date. (The notable exception here is Rosa - but better to leave that alone than to conjecture.)

For those who've not met me, I'm not a bad looking guy. I'm reasonably intelligent. I'm polite, mannered, interesting...

And of no interest to women whatsoever.


I'm going to hit the next person who tells me it's a good thing I didn't jump last year.

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