Thursday, August 07, 2003

Welcome back to Nightmare Chiller Horror Theatre...

Here it is:

I wake up in a panic and rush to my bedroom door. Opening it, I'm looking at an infinitude of possible existences (read up on your quantum theory) - Kens that stretch out as far as I can see. Every one of them is in an apartment, in my bedroom. Every one of them is terrified. I slam the door, screaming. Suddenly, I realize that I'm awake. I'm in my bedroom. I am standing at the door and I am screaming. I realize I have to get out of there right away. I throw on some clothes and bolt out of my bedroom.

I stood in my hallway for what seemed to be half an hour, telling myself over and over that it was a dream.

Well, it was more than a dream. For the first time, I was having a nightmare and sleepwalking - AT THE SAME TIME!

An unfortunate turn of events to be sure. After all, I was sleepwalking last summer. I was sleepwalking to the extent that I was driving in my sleep! What will happen if I drive in my sleep during a nightmare?!

As you can guess, I didn't sleep much.

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