Monday, August 11, 2003

The color of Lieberman...

I've got to run this past you. This article was recently published on CNN's site. It includes a quote by Lieberman that, well, just blew me away.

"If we're for middle-class tax increases, if we send a message of weakness and ambivalence on defense, if we go back to big government spending, if we're against trade [and] for protectionism -- which never created a job -- we don't deserve to run the country," Lieberman, a presidential candidate, said on "Fox News Sunday."

Now, let's think for a second. "Middle-class tax increases"? Well, if you think about how much Shrub has cut taxes for the rich, taxes on the middle-class has become a larger proportion. "A message of weakness and ambivalence on defense"? You mean, as opposed to killing anyone we feel like that week? Joe, rational thinking is not the same as weakness and the quality of mercy is not ambivalent. "Big government spending". This was my favorite! Does Joe have a hole is his head where Shrub's deficit has not been able to stick?

Let's face it, folks. Lieberman wants to out-Shrub Shrub and do we really want someone who's going to do that?!

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