Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Time for a new post...

There's a guy named Peter Lynds who is playing around with everyone's perception of time down in New Zealand. Ripples of confusion spread throughout the world as a result. Lynds likes to play with ancient paradoxes about time and motion.

He seems to be saying the discreet instances of time are indeterminate. If you're wondering why this is giving people headaches, consider that, with no discreet instances of time you have nothing at rest. Ever.

... That is not what this post is about.

This all got me thinking, is all, and I thought I would throw a couple things out there for you readers... both of you.

You have never been at rest and you will never be at rest. Long before you were born, your fetus was inside the womb of a moving creature who, even when she thought she was at rest, was always moving. She stood upon tectonic plates that shifted, on a planet that rotated, in a solar system that danced, in a galazy that spun, in a universe constantly expanding. If there's ever a stop to this, it won't happen until long after you're dead and your cells have decomposed and your molecules have changed hands an innumerable amount of times and even your atoms have broken down to energy and the energy has burnt out.

Consider this: If the planet stopped moving for one moment, there would be enormous upheaval. Everything on the surface would be damaged.

You wouldn't want to be at rest.

So, an object in motion stays in motion... an object at rest? Ain't no such thing!

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