Friday, June 11, 2004

Coming home, getting laid, drinking booze, and passing out...

This entry is a mystery. The mystery is: which of the four things in the title do NOT apply to me!?!?

... I didn't say it would be difficult to solve.

It's an all booze weekend this weekend. I'm hitting it ("it" being the bottle, el bozerola, the boozer-meister-meister-boozer) a little early by driving down to San Diego right after work... and then drinking!

Why am I drink this weekend, you ask. Why the hell not, I reply.

I saw my dear friend (who is both dear and a friend) Stephanie in "Blithe Spirit" last night. She was incredible and never ceases to amaze me with the power of her talent. Last night, I got to see a glimpse of her screwball comedy and liked it very much. This on top of very serious turns in one of my plays, wit in another (you figure out which), and seeing her seductive side in "Something to Hide". This girl has got legs! (No, not - well, yes, she does have legs but I mean... oh, forget it.) Sadly, however, it was a play I was asked to audition for and I have a rule never to see those for fear I might judge it based on the lack of La Salle in the play. Believe me when I say that the following statement is not about that. The guy who got the part I was asked to audition for (Charles) stank on ice! I should have done it. I would have been so much better! This guy had a range of 1 - 2. He had the comic timing of a broken clock, of a swiss army knife, of a - it was painful to watch! And it hurt to see Stephanie battle on so valiantly again THAT! But I've always said that the real measure of an actor is when they're working against the current (such as with horrible actors, directors, or broken legs), and Stephanie certainly measured up. Props to her! Mad propz!

Then, I got an email from Keith and it turns out he's coming home. After two weeks, I can't help but feel my faith in him was misplaced seeing as how little time he put into starting this "new life" if his. Now, he's coming back and needs a place to stay.

Tim, where's my drink?

I lived with Rosa for 14 years and swore I wouldn't live with anyone unless I was getting laid!

Tim, where's my drink?

On top of that, this will be the last time I'll be able to visit Tim for a while. When I visit Tim, I drink and smoke - gain weight and don't work out! Last night, I was asked to audition for "Same Time, Next Year" at the Cabrillo in July. It'll be directed by Dale Jones, who most recently worked with Lori. (Lori, how was the experience? Is he any good? Should I? Huh? Should I? Should I???) Well, if I'm going to audition, I'll need to get back to the gym and take off some weight. That means No Smoking!

Tim, where's my drink?

... so, let's see... we've covered coming home... we've covered getting laid... later tonight, I'll cover drinking booze... and then I'll pass out.

Gooooodnight everybody!

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