Friday, June 18, 2004

Well... I'm going to meet her...

Okay, the part about this that sucks is that it could blow up in my face. I'm not a big fan of things blowing up in my face. Fireworks. Automobiles. Household pets.

So, last night, we got on the phone at around 7pm. After a while, the topic moved (inexorably as water circles a drain) towards the idea of meeting - not meeting itself, mind you, but the idea of it. Like talking about the idea of sex - this is not to say you should think of sex. Finally, after we'd worn a trench around the bush, I asked, "So, what are you doing on Sunday?"

We'd already talked about Saturday. She's got a graduation party (for a friend's son) and I have the reading of "The Myth of the Cubicle"... which may be followed by an evening of tears. When it came to Friday, she's getting together with some friends.... and I couldn't put a first date (BLIND date) the evening before the reading - too much pressure!

She answered, "Nothing, really."

"Oh." I said, because I'd kind of been hoping she'd be busy. "Would you be interested in meeting?"

"Yes." She said it without thinking and I thought my usual reply. "Why?"

"Great." It wasn't. "Now to think of where to meet."

She said, "I'll leave that to you."

Of course. If it sucks, it's my fault. Damn, how I hate dating!

I suggested Dave & Busters for drinks and pool. She liked the idea. She used to be on a billiards league so she'll probably kick my butt.

This means I have a weekend full of potential failures... Is it Monday, yet?

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