Tuesday, June 15, 2004

You're only as happy or unhappy as you believe you are...

I spoke with Vicky again last night.

I hate talking to someone before I meet them. Around Christmas, the last time I joined Match, I was talking with this girl, Lisa, who was perfect in every way... until she sent me some newer pictures with herself and her niece... and the niece looked afraid Lisa was going to eat her - Lisa was so fat. My point is, they could be nice on the phone but ugly in person. And then, they could also be nice on the phone and nice in person but have zero chemistry. Witness Karrie.

How is it I could have such great chemistry with a woman who hated me? And why can't I find another Rosa?

Anyway, Vicky and I chatted over Yahoo chat. She was a lot more open - maybe less tired, she'd be hiking Sunday - and was even making jokes.

For instance:
Ken. Can I call you on the phone tomorrow?
Vicky. Sure. What are you going to call me?

Sounds like something I would say! ... Actually, it sounds like something I often say. Hey! She stole my line!!

Anyway, so I'll be talking to her tonight and we'll see if we get past the voice-test. You know, the "does her voice offend me" test. There will also be the "does conversation happen or do we have to work at it" test.

God, I hate dating.

Anyway, if this goes well, I'll ask her out this weekend... and probably crash and burn. My love life is like an Irwin Allen movie!!

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