Thursday, June 10, 2004

You thought I was exaggerating when I said I got no respect at work?...

For four years now, I've been at Linksys. It has been a very long story of abuse, disrespect, and dry humping. Every time I bring it up here, I have this feeling that you don't believe me. But after what happened today, I can't image anyone would doubt my word. I hate my job!

One month ago, I wrote some product documentation. It went out to the stores. People started buying it. As a CompUSA, a clerk read the documentation and decided that HE COULD DO BETTER! So, he rewrote it and sent it to Linksys. It went to a sales person who said to the product's engineer, "We're getting complaints from CompUSA. They want us to use this new language." The engineer then came to me.

I read it.

It was incomprehensible... and what little was comprehensible was poorly worded... and what little wasn't poorly worded was misspelled.

I told the engineer. He said, "CompUSA wants it changed. They're an important retailer."

I replied, "First, it's not CompUSA that wants it changed. It is one clerk at one CompUSA. Nobody else who bought the product has complained. Second, it's wrong. It's embarrassing. It's an enormous mistake."

"Just do it and shut up."

And so, dear friends, after years of experience and a level of expertise far exceeding that of a CompUSA clerk (which only barely exceeds that of a small soap dish), I had to make the change.

I would kill for another job.... even if it was as a killer! No shit, man. This sucks.

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