Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The readers cry out for a return to DEPRESSION...

But it just ain't working.


You're going to have to suffer through more diabetic sweetness.

Last night, Vicky and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner (from Thai Spice, a great little Thai restaurant chain) together. Then, we watched "Secret Window", a thriller I recommend. (I think Tim recommended it to me first but, screw him, this is my Blog!) We watched with her reclining in my arms and we sat like that and snuggled and talked after. At 11:30, I said, "It's getting late. I should go." and I went to kiss her. At 12:30, I said, "It's getting late. I should go." Twenty minutes later, I left.

Is it too early to say that I'm falling hard and fast?

Mind you, she's not all whiskers on kittens and a bag of chips. For instance, she has the entire "Left Behind" series.... we all have our faults, right? When I saw them, she said, "I'm not all Born Again or anything." At the risk of over-intellectualizing this, left me just say, "Whew!"

On other fronts, my weight is nearing 225. (I'm about a pound off.) Once there, I'll be 10 pounds from my goal. (For those of you who could swear you've heard this before... you have. I'm a pig, okay?)

Keith will be back in town on Thursday. I'm not disappointed because he failed. Everyone fails. I'm disappointed that he didn't really give it time and try. He's never been really good at facing his challenges and he's returning with a lot more than before. I'll help him however I can but I also plan to kick his ass for being a dummy.

That's it for today. Vicky and I got on the phone once I got home and didn't hang up until 3am... I'm really tired.

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