Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hey, Tonight...

Hey, Tonight, Gonna be tonight, Don't you know I'm flyin' Tonight, tonight...

... not your song, huh?

How about this:

Tonight's the night, gonna feel all right... ah, forget it.

Second date tonight. I don't remember the last time I had a second date with a woman I liked who also liked me.... um.... well, I guess it was DeAnna, though that might be stretching it a bit. As I mentioned to Tim last night, Rosa and DeAnna seemed to admire me more than they liked me. Vicky actually seems to like me, which is really nice. In fact, I'm hoping we can go a while before she sees my acting or writing. With her, it's nice just being me.

Tonight, I'll be going to her place for dinner and a movie. After nearly lopping off her left foot, she shouldn't be out walking around. I'll be bringing over dinner (spicy Thai food from a place called, coincidentally, Spicy Thai) and a movie. I've picked a few movies and figure she may like one of them... let's hope.

Last night, we talked on the phone for a few hours. We've gone beyond the important things and have reached the point of just liking to hear the other's voice. How do I know? She was telling me about her Glamour magazine. Anyone else I would have told to shut the hell up!

Oh, one more note before I go. All the exercising is paying off. Before I audition for "Laura", I want to be 215, which is a formidable goal considering how much I'd put on lately. The auditions are August 15 & 16. At present, I weigh just under 230. Wish me luck.

(For those of you playing at home, yes, that means I was over 230!!!!!)

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