Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The house is closing in…

… which is how I feel sometimes. Not that I'm buying a house but that the house is buying me! Think about it! How many papers does the house have to sign? Where's it's credit report? It ain't doing shit!!!

Okay… sorry. I'm a little stressed. Vicky and I got into it this morning… I just want this whole thing to end and stay in our apartment!

Oh well.

As the final days approach, we have all kinds of things coming up. Last minute things: Final walk-throughs, certified checks, and fees on fees on fees! When they say that buying a house takes a year out of your life, they don't tell you that it's the last few days that does it! And this isn't my first time, I should know better.

But it looks like, as of next week, I will, once again, be a home owner. (A misnomer if ever I heard done. I'll be a "home paying-offer"! Considering the plans Vicky and I have, I will never really "own" this home.) So… why don't I tell you something about it?

The townhouse is set in the midst of a fairly large complex, all looking alike in a kind of Republican/Soviet conformity. No gates surround us - and I like that. I like that we're not segregated from the world, that there's no "us" and "them". The whole place is very peaceful and serene… well, as peaceful as you can get up against a freeway and serene as Anaheim (pronounced "A - na - hy - em", with phlegm) can get. We're shoved back against freeway at the back of a long residential area, effectively buffered against the city because, basically, there's nothing back there for anyone to see. Ah, but there's plenty back there for me to see! One block away is the pool (kiddie pool, jacuzzi, and two pools, actually!) and a small park. Then, around the corner, there's another, larger park and an elementary school! (I told Vicky, "That's where our child will go to school," and made myself so nervous I nearly vomited.) Outside of this residential area, you find Anaheim, with a Ralph's and a Carl's Jr. and a Del Taco and all the trappings… but only a few blocks in, Vicky and I will find home.

Now, just to get through the next week...

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