Monday, December 13, 2004

Know it some...

So, I'm listening to this book right now called "The Know it All". (Remember that membership I keep raving about?) It's a book about a guy who decides to read the Encyclopaedia Brittannica straight through. (At 15 hours, you'd think that would be the EB alone!) It's a funny mix of insights and neurosis. Neurosis? Well, that's right up my aisle!

I actually did this once many years ago. When Tim moved to Sonoma in 1985, he had to pack light. He left me with a television and a set of encyclopedias. (His was only 26 volumes. The EB weighs in a 32.) One night, I told Rosa I'd do it and, sure enough, I eventually did it. It was great. So, I can relate to this guy.

Feeling "encyclopedia fever" once again - watch out, Vicky! - I looked up the EB's web site today and found it to be very useful. More than just a site that sells books. You should check it out.

(There. That's my good deed for the day!)


Vicky said...

Baby...browse that website all you want! We'll talk about the EB have a lot of convincing to do on that one. Love you, V

Anonymous said...

If you like Encyclopedias, you should check out Wikipedia. You can spend Hours there, checking link to link about Today's Posts and In The News.

The Neuron