Monday, December 06, 2004

On Houses and Blogging and Christmas, too…

Today's the day - oh, what a day!

I may be closing on my house today. My house! All mine! Well, mine and Vicky's. Well, mine and Vicky's and Bandoo's. Well, mine and Vicky's and Bandoo's and Alacrity's and Suki's and Harley's and Othello's… we'll call it "The Commune"!

I'll be signing a shitload of papers. Have you seen my right arm? I wish anyone trying to read my signature by the 47th form very good luck.

But enough about houses and communes, it's time for the Big Announcement!

Wait. That's not good enough.


… better. Looks like I'm going to be writing for another website, so, on top of your daily (or semi-daily) My Side's you'll get to see me at MetroBlogging Orange County! (That's on your radio dial.) Take a look. They already have my name up! (Ain't that sweet?) I'll be writing articles about life here in Orange County - not an easy task for me. (Usually, I just bitch.) So, keep your eyes peeled - no, don't. That sounds disgusting!

But enough about houses and communes and blogging and bitching, let's talk about Christmas.
I'm not a big fan of Christmas. It's turned into a rather ugly holiday. In fact, for the past few years, I've referred to it as Bifmas and, even, Bobmas - thinking, "Why should Chris get a holiday while Bif and Bob are left out in the cold?" Since I don't think Vicky's going to go in much for "Timmas" or "Seanmass" or "Richmas" or even "Robmas", I guess I'm back to calling it Christmas again.

But some traditions continue - like it or not - so I'm producing yet another in a seemingly endless catalog of CD collections for the holidays. Having shucked off the traditional, holiday bonds last year, this year's CD collection contains:

Ken 3.8
Songs I Heard as a Child
Vol. 1
Reflections of Summer (a continuation of "Love Out of Time" from last year)

I'll be taking a couple listens for "quality control" this week (to make sure I didn't completely screw up) and, with any luck, getting them out to people in the weeks leading up to the Arbor Day Holiday.

What do you mean, "Christmas"?

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