Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The true meaning of Christmas…

There's a huge backlash going on right now with Christian Fundamentalists. (You know, the people who "got Bush elected".) Scan your TV dials and you'll see more and more of these "beaten down underdogs" (not very rich people who hold a lot of power such as owning corporations and TV networks - oh no!) claiming the Christmas is getting a "bad rap".

You'll hear them whining that they're sick of people celebrating Hanukkah and Kwanzaa when they should be celebrating the birth of our Lord who died for your sins and who will cast you into hell for what you're doing you non-white freak with your bugaboo idols and you just wait cause after Iraq we're coming after you and we'll kill your children!!!!!!

Yep. They're a might perturbed.

Well, as a service here at the My Side Foundation, we like to reach out to all off our readers. So, if you're feeling Christmas should be the only holiday celebrated, if you believe your Christian traditions should be the only ones followed, if you believe your God is the only one that can be worshipped, if you're intolerant of other's ways and beliefs, if you insist on having your own way even when you're dead wrong: FUCK OFF.

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