Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Things to do when the Senate reconvenes...

How about challenging the debacle we called the Presidential election?

The Congress reconvenes on January 6th and 14 members of the House are planning to contest the outcome. The only thing needed is a Senator...

A Senator... hmmm... didn't a Senator run in that election?... Oh, sure, the likelihood of Kerry coming up and demanding a recount are about as high as me hanging a yellow ribbon but there are still 49 other Senators we could needle.

Here. This is a start. Sign this. You could also try emailing (or actually writing, you can still do that) your Senator(s) (heck, as many as you like!).

I'm not saying it's got a shot in hell but there's too much evidence of tampering and chicanery for the results not to be contested.

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