Wednesday, December 15, 2004

More Santa La Salle for the masses...

No, he's not coming back... yet... (gotta leave your options open, you know?)

Actually, Rob has emailed me with his recollection of events and I thought I'd share them with you:

Ah, Santa La Salle. Who could forget? Or, who could COMPLETELY forget. I didn't remember that Deanna provided the Santa suit on the second year. (Actually, it was Deanna's parents. Thus the "talking-to" provided by her mom. One I justly deserved, may it be said.) Yes, there were two years of it.

The first year you wore a plaid shirt (whose shirt was that?) (It was probably mine. My mom liked to keep me stocked with plaid shirts for all those cold, California winters...) , suitably stuffed, and we didn't have much to whiten the fake hair, so it was more grey than white. It looked good, though. If there was one thing we could do, it was apply fake hair. If the writing ever runs out, we have that to fall back on. (Better make sure there's a lot of it though . . . nice and cushy.) I'm not certain that I wore that elf outfit (a leftover from my role in the FVCT musical, "The Hobbit") that first year, though I may have. There weren't many stops the first year, but there were enough. And, as you point out, it was fun.

The second year was more of a production, with the suit, with more white spray (we even got your brows, I believe), and with makeup to give you something of a ruddy complexion. Also, I definitely wore the elf outfit. There were more stops the second year. As you mentioned, we even had a few stops based on referral alone. There were also some Santa La Salle carols during that second year . . . but I don't remember the words. I'm sure, though, that one was "Santa La Salle Is Coming to Town." Once again, we had a lot of fun.

The third (or, really, fourth) year? The world's a poorer place because it didn't happen.

Auld lang syne.

Indeed. Some of the best times of my younger life, folks. And I was very fortunate to share them with folks like Rob and Tim. (I hope Tim checks in with his insights but, as I said, he doesn't consider himself a writer so you may have to go on my recall for that.)

Ho Ho - freakin' - Ho!

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