Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I'm on the NRA's BLACKLIST...

You can be, too!

Are you tired of living in a nation full of gun-nuts? Are you sick of the NRA and what they stand for?

Well, guess what. This week, the NRA released a blacklist of all those nasty, evil people who actually (shudder) think! People who oppose our nation's infatuation with guns. Surely, such a blacklist would put these people in their place! Right?

Not so. Instantly, it seems, thousands of others wanted to join their ranks and get on the blacklist as well. Hey, you bet! There's a list of sane people? Put me on it, too! And so, I got myself up on that blacklist as soon as I heard.

You can, too. Let's show the NRA what a bunch of fools they are!

(Note: The server on this site is so busy - so many people are trying to get on the list - that it might hang up a bit but keep trying.)

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