Friday, October 24, 2003

The List is My Life...

Nothing about working out in this entry - I figure you've heard enough for a while.

Back to the list. Now that the letter is done... you know "THE LETTER"... I've started working on a cd for Rob. He was so cool to send me a cd when I was down and this is my way of paying him back. The cd is called "Plastic Ties" and harkens back to our days fresh out of high school. (If you want an explanation of the name, you better be used to disappointment. It's too long a story to type here.)(Rob knows.) So, it's full of old music and old comedy.

That's nearly done.

Now, I can start thinking about cds for Christmas. It's become something of a tradition of mine, to make cds to give for Christmas. I mix a bunch of weird music and sounds that I think nobody would like - with my taste, it would be no surprise - and it turns out people love them.

Well, enough of that, I say!

This year, I have a strange idea... what about a cd full of... ME?! My voice... droning... on and on... and on and on... and on and... well, you get the point. Me reading Kenmails, My Side entries, old monologues, old writings... just generally babbling on! Yes, I kind of like it. And how more egotistical can you get, really? It's like giving a picture of yourself! But that's why people like me... I make them feel good about themselves. ("At least I'm not a loser like Ken!")

Another idea would be called "Odds & Edsels" full of B-sides and odd cuts that you may not have heard before.

The last idea would be called "Parental Guidance", full of foul language and suggestive bits. I kind of like that.

What do you think? What should I make? Talk to me!

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