Monday, October 13, 2003

Pieces and bits...

War is... a hell of a lot of fun!

Take a look at this article. Looks like US soldiers have to voice their outrage - anonymously - about the negative talk they hear about the war. An anonymous letter-writing campaign from people who are supposed to be US soldiers in Iraq, talking about how much the Iraqis love us and how much good we're doing over there... can you say "propaganda"?!

Can you say "Americans will buy anything"?

Don't Rush Limbaugh

As you may know, Rush Limbaugh's a dirty, stinking drug addict.

... At what point was I supposed to take pity on him?! He's spent more than a decade spitting his bile about throwing all drug users in jail and to hell with treatment. I say it's time we agreed with him in this one case and to hell with him! The fucking hypocrite!

Don't cross picket lines!

Today, at work, there were a couple guys talking, bragging, about how they cross the picket lines at the grocery-worker's strike. One of them said, "They get over $20 an hour with full medical and full pension. I refuse to feel sorry for them!" I thought it was funny how he'd know how much they make... and how wrong he was!

So, I said, "Just keep in mind, if it wasn't for unions you wouldn't have the 40 hour work week."

"Maybe," he said, "but unions go too far!"

Let's not forget that whatever rights we enjoy as workers come from the unions and most of the rights won by the unions have already been stripped away from us.

I'm appalled by Americans - the majority of them - who believe the bossman is only out to protect us. The CEO is the nicest guy in the world. It's the worker, the single mother, the starving child who we must fear - for they are stealing all of our money through welfare. As if welfare really existed any more. Take a look at the money that goes to defense and to tax write-offs and compare that to the paltry sum that funds welfare projects. You'll see what I mean. When are we going to wise up and rise up as a people and realize that those with power are those to fear. Power corrupts, my friends. How much power does a bag-boy have?

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