Wednesday, October 29, 2003

My new role...

(No. Not kaiser.)

I must really have a soft spot for Steve... either that or I'm collecting guilt points for the next time he makes a movie...

Last night, I got a call from him. He's directing a new show and it turns out one of his actors can't perform during one of the weekends. (It's a three-week run.) So, he asked me if I could fill in. It would only require 3-4 rehearsals. It's a small part. I wouldn't have to postpone, delay, or nix my Thanksgiving trip.

I figured, well, why not? I could help him out. Sure.

Now here comes the part where you say, "Ken, you're stupid!"

I'll be playing a father. No, not a priest - a dad. And I'll be doing this at the time when Rosa's will have had her first child... without me. Yep. I'll be playing a dad - something I can't be in the real world.

But it gets far worse.

This is children's theater. That means there will be children. Lots of them. Lots of little reminders of my failure running about.

And I won't be able to smoke. (My next window for smoking comes between the rehearsals and performances: 11/22-11/29. But there will be no smoking at rehearsals or performances.)

(By the way, no, I'm not saying when performances are. I want to get through this with as little exposure as possible.)

What am I? A fucking idiot?!

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