Friday, May 07, 2004

And More...

Well, I picked up my new PC last night. It's quite the monster but I started loading things into it and it works great. It looks good. It smells good.

... it even tastes good!

Yes, I guess you could say it was everything I wanted.

... but you couldn't say it was more.

I never really understood that saying, "Everything you wanted and more!" It's supposed to be a good thing but, when you think of it, it needn't be.

My life after Rosa has been everything I wanted and more. More loneliness. More suffering. More fear.

This war in Iraq is everything we wanted and more. More death. More lies. More waste.

Perhaps the intention is that it's more of everything we wanted? But wouldn't that be like obesity? Depravity? Gluttony? Whatever happened to the virtue of finding the mean?

In the case of this PC, however, I could have gone with more. More power. More speed. More memory. See, I didn't buy the top of the line PC. I bought an upper-mid-range. So, there are faster processors, better video cards, etc.

... hmmm...

"Everything you wanted and more"... the lure of the underachiever...

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