Thursday, May 27, 2004

My writing is like a memory lapse...

So, here's the deal.

I spent nearly 90 minutes looking blankly at a screen last night. (No, not looking at a blank screen. 'Twas the look on my face that was blank.) This entry is about the reason why.

I reached page nine of this new play - closing in on the ending. Hey, it's a short play, right? I know everything that is to come.... everything... except... From where I'm at, I can see the ending. I can see the bit before the ending. I can see the bit leading to that bit...

But from here to there, there's an empty chasm...

It's almost leaving huge of words!

I mean, it's almost like writing while leaving out a huge chunk of words! It can be very frustrating! Or, if you prefer to look at it this way, it's like having a memory lapse. I can see the whole play; it's firmly in my mind. For some reason, however, my memory has blanked out over this one spot.

You have no idea how frustrating this is. It's not a huge chunk, either. It's just a little hop over to the next bit. In not knowing how that hop goes, though, the whole play is compromised!

Another analogy might be those people who fix things and always have extra parts when they're done - because this bit isn't crucial (I need it, though, because of pacing) and can be strictly comedy, throw-away. But that extra part needs to be put in!

I'm hoping to finish the play this weekend... we'll see.

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