Friday, May 07, 2004

Lucid Dreaming, Part Two...

Okay. Have you been practicing from your first lesson? Good.

Now, it gets trickier and you actually have to DO something.

Now, you have to begin keeping a dream journal. This is a book or tablet of some sort where you document your dreams. Yes, that's right. When you wake up in the morning, you write down as much as you can remember. The idea behind this is to help you recognize your dreams. You know, so when you're having one it's easier to say, "Hey, I know this. It's a dream!" (Or, in my case, "Hey, I know this. Rosa's got a whip, is wearing an apron, is french-kissing Michael, and is asking me to come home. It must be a nightmare!")

Well, I already have my dream journal set bedside and was ready to begin writing things down. Writing down dreams is easy for me because I've always had great retention... you might have noticed. So, I wake up this morning, ready to write down dreams.... except.... I didn't remember having any... (How many of you saw that coming?)

Oh, well. There's always tonight.

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