Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Freedom dreams...

I'm supposed to be writing down my dreams in my dream journal but some of them are so huge and so vivid, it would take several pages. (And with my arm, I can't write that much freehand!) I just woke up from one. I'd decided to take a nap with Bandoo and I had a dream that was so big... well, here's a taste.

It took place in our world. By some fluke, I had to return to high school. (I'm guessing it had something to do with the upcoming reunion.) Sean Roberson and Sean Mullin (two guys I went to high school with) were there. I was appalled at the state of the school, how it was underfunded while we as a nation have so much money for war, so I suggested we take down the US flag as a form of protest.

Okay, so we were caught. (I'm editing out so much for time.) I took the blame for the whole thing and one of the teachers walked to me to the Principal's Office. (In real like, this would have taken only a couple of seconds but she took the long way.)

Me: You know, I don't have to do this. I volunteered to come here. I graduated already. I have my Associates. I almost have my Bachelors.
Teacher: (Incredulous) You almost have a bachelors? Really?
Me: (uncomfortable) Yes.

The teacher says something incomprehensible.
Me. It was in philosophy - so is it any wonder I did what I did?

The Principal's Office turns out to be a court room. I sit down.

Me: I want you to know before we start that the flag was treated with complete respect.
Principal/Judge: It doesn't matter. We can't have people like you questioning the administration, questioning the war, questioning everything that is right.
Me: It never touched the ground. I didn't spit on it. It wasn't damaged.
P/J: That doesn't matter.
Me: Then, what does matter? (to prosecuting attorney) Don't you see why we had to protest? Why the flag has no right to be flown over this school, when money is spent on war instead of on education? Don't you see it was time to speak out?
Prosecuter: Yes, I see it.
Me: (shocked) You do?
Prosecuter: Yes. But don't you see that the government has a right to stop you? They do it in other countries. In Iran. In old Russia.
Me: But we're America. We're supposed to be better than that!
Proecuter: And who do you think you are? The government has no use for you!
Me: But this government was supposed to be about people like me! Run by people like me! Of the people, by the people, for the people - that's what the United States was supposed to be about!
Prosecutor: (who was testing me) You're right. It's nice to see an American again, for a change.
Me: You're right. I'm awake for the first time in years. I've been lulled to sleep by Shrub and his evil - waiting for someone else to speak out. But no one has! What I did wasn't big or meaningful but it was something - and it felt so damned good to act out, to let my voice be heard for a change!

Then, I woke up.

What brought on such a dream? (Only have of which I've written here?)

Probably this. I received an email last night from the Green Party. This is not a joke. The FBI has been arresting Green Party activists on false charges around Orange and San Diego Counties. The email was sent by someone who spoke with one of those arrested. These are incredibly dangerous times for those who still have a voice and, paradoxically, the time when we should all raise ours.

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