Friday, May 14, 2004

Yet another night

Rosa used to say I was at my best when I...

What? Did I say a dirty word?


It has been said that I'm often at my best when I'm writing or working out.

Last night, I did both. (I don't know how we'll quantify "at my best"...)

I left work fully intending to slack off for the evening. After all, I'd worked out four days in a row. I was due a break. So, I went home and played World of Warcraft for a couple of hours. It was nearly 9pm when I quit. That's okay. I was hoping to write something. Actually, I was hoping to write the words "Scene One" and stop there. (The previous night, all I'd written were character descriptions.)

Well, I wrote more than "Scene One". I wrote a page and a half, the first interaction/bit/what have you. It wasn't bad. It was a little barren and a little pre-post-modern (would that just make it modern?) but it wasn't bad. No other La Celle or La Salle could do better. And it only took a half hour!

That put the time at just about 9:30... and I'd done my writing and I'd played my video games. Ah, if only I still smoked! (Not to say I won't again!) (Soon!) Then, I could relax with a ciggie and a drinkie! No, instead I went to the gym and hurt myself for and hour and a half... Honestly, folks, this ain't good. Whoever thought up the idea that physical labor was good for you was one sick puppy... or a Puritan, I'm not sure which.

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