Friday, May 28, 2004

It's the Memorial Day issue of Random Thoughts...


While there's not one big thing on my mind this morning, there are a lot of little things... for instance:

1) Last night, I broke through that wall that was impeding my progress on the new play. Usually, when you're faced with an obstacle and you can't think of any way around or through, it's fun to go surreal. This play being about people working in cubicles, I thought, "Let's make it a musical and have the boss do a number!" Now, while that's not exactly what I did... I came close. (And, yes, it was a musical number on retirement without medicare... fun!)

2) I want a burrito from Taco Bell. The last one I had was from Roberto's - yes, that fabufuckingtastic Mexican place down the street from Tim's down in San Diego. Oh, sure, I loved it. I always love Roberto's. But there's something about one of those 7-Layer Burritos from Taco Bell smothered in hot sauce to the point where I know I'll be in pain in just a few hours that appeals to the masochistic consumer in me.

3) Lori forwarded this petition to me. Rush the Big Fat Idiot is broadcasting his message of hate and stupidity on Armed Forces Radio and I, for one, think this needs to stop. So SIGN!

4) So, I should finish that play this weekend... you know, if I'm not too busy being lazy.

5) I joined last night. Yes, sad but true. It was $20 for three months... I spend more on cigarettes! (Not much but more.) I don't know if I'm actually going to meet anyone but it's worth a shot, right? Right?

6) I'm meeting Annie Mezzacappa for lunch today at Panera Bread. (Oh, GOD! I love that place!) Annie was in a show, called 40 Carats, with me many years ago. I'm often very grateful for that play. Out of that, I got so much. I got friends like Annie, Lori, Sherryl, Steve, and Chris. (Granted, I haven't spoken to Chris in a year. And Steve never touches base. And I only talk to Sherryl about once a month - but this is not to say I haven't been grateful for them.) I started writing plays after it! No other show has had such an affect on my life.

7) Lucky 7. If gas wasn't so expensive, I'd go to Vegas this weekend. I'd go to New York New York, where Rosa and I went so often, where Cindy and I sat at a bar and drank scotch (I drank the scotch). It's my favorite place in Vegas, not just for the memories but just cause it's cool. I'd go, play a little roulette, eat at one of the many little restaurants they have in the very New York-ish area, and maybe have a coffee at the little coffee shop they have. If I felt like it, I might spend the night.

So, what am I going to do this weekend? Aside from the promise of finishing this show (which wasn't so much a promise as a forecast, and we know how unreliable those are!), I don't know. I haven't heard from Tim - and if I don't I might just drive down and surprise him! I have plenty of video games to play! ("Yea," the little child within cheers.) And I want to go to Taco Bell. (God. I've become such a bachelor!)

How about you? How will you spend your weekend? However you do, I hope you enjoy it. See you Tuesday!

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