Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Lucid Dreaming, Part One...

As you may know, I recently decided to look into learning Lucid Dreaming to help combat my nightmares, sleepwalking, etc. To that end, I started a new book today by Stephen LaBerge, called Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. It's kind of the textbook of lucid dreams, according to all the websites and such.

The book is composed of a series of exercises to help you along. (This is not unlike the second book I have on lucid dreaming, Lucid Dreams in 30 Days... I'll read that one later.)

I thought I'd share the first exercise with you. In order to begin having lucid dreams, which is becoming aware when one is dreaming, one must start by being aware while one is awake! Imagine that! And believe me, I know plenty of people who sleepwalk through life, suffer from what George Carlin called "a kind of neutral zone in their heads".

How is this done? What follows are a series of exercises. You should spend at least five minutes on each...


Check out that shit around you! That's some pretty cool stuff!


Take a moment to listen to what's around you. After a few minutes of this, you'll find that you are hearing things you hadn't before - it's because you're paying attention.
(okay, these are all paraphrased, okay?)


Simple. Use this sense, not just with your fingers, either. Be in contact with the world around you.


When was the last time you tasted your food? That's because you're too busy inhaling so you can move on to the next thing! And don't just taste food. Taste the air - the sense of smell is mostly taste-dependent, which brings us to...


Again, enjoy the scents this scent senses... or something. Try smelling things around you (such as in your kitchen or garden) that you normally don't appreciate.


You read correctly. Be aware of your breathing. Maybe that will keep you from smoking, huh?


What are you feeling? What are you really feeling? If you're not feeling anything, check your pulse.


I don't know about you but I think about things all the time. If you don't, get started. Then, consider what you're thinking about.


Where is your place in your life? In your experiences? Begin making yourself aware of your self, your relation to the world.

Awareness of Awareness

Now that you are more aware, be aware of that. This cannot be easily expressed in words but when awareness breaks through the veil of our sleeping lives, we know it. Catch that moment and be aware of it.

I like this already. It's very Zen. Now, this will certainly lead to a slowing down of things, of your life, but I think I'm about ready for that. Back when Rosa and I were together, I used to meditate often. Now, I haven't meditated in four years. Not only could this help me in my dream state but it might help improve my waking life.

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