Tuesday, May 04, 2004

This is why I don't watch TV...

Thanks to Ain't It Cool News!

Host Joe Rogan confessed that tonight’s second “Fear Factor” competition brought him closest to puking onscreen than any other.

The survivors had to use their mouths to suck up live maggots and spit them into a giant milkshake glass half-full of live flies. Then they had to shake the maggots and flies together and drink the entire concoction down.

Three of the contestants drank it all down, including a beautiful tall skinny blonde model-type girl.

A fourth spent the entire length of the competition dry-heaving as her competition competed. Rogan was stricken with gagging fits. And so was I, and I didn’t have to deal with the smell.

“I can’t believe this is a real show on NBC,” confessed the “Newsradio” vet between wretching. “America, this could be our Emmy.”

The second “Fear Factor” competition in any given episode typically comes in two varieties: lie in something hazardous, or eat something vile.

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