Tuesday, February 03, 2004

It all begins today... again...

For those of you who were wondering what would ever happen to me and when this hyper-extended break of mine would come to an end... so was I.

Okay. Here's the deal.

I start rehearsal tonight on a staged reading I'll be performing in this weekend. The play is a one-act comedy called "Do Hoosiers Go To Heaven?" It's just a little funny but I do get to say "fuck" several times. The evil side of me beats out the side with taste. Maybe I'll get to expose one nipple... and so I agreed to do this. I'll be rehearsing tonight and tomorrow. The performance will be Saturday.

How are things coming on that book, you ask? I just got word from Rich this morning and it looks like they're not. It seems that Rich is caught up in grading papers (he's a teacher, not a child molester!)(I said, he's a teacher!) and so he hasn't had the time to write. I'm hoping he's going chronologically, from when we met. How this is all going to work is beyond me but I get the feeling that I'll be adding stuff to his stuff and he'll add stuff to that... until we're done with Chapter One. (Rich, if you're reading, you don't have to start every chapter if you don't want.)

Next up, plays. I'm finally completing all the copies of last years plays for my actor folk. I'm sure more requests will come along in time - and if you want any, let me know. With that behind me, it's time for me to start working on writing something new. I'm thinking this will start with rewrites of Atheists and Everything Changes. I haven't touched Everything Changes in YEARS! But I still feel there's a good play in there... somewhere.

But I gotta get busy again so you'll be hearing about that soon enough.

In the meantime... why the hell did I leave my smokes at home?

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