Wednesday, February 25, 2004

It's called "Depth of Character"...

Karrie was evicted from the hospital last night. Turns out she bled them dry of morphine!

... okay, so I'm kidding. But she was released and sent home. Rather than go home, however, she's living with her parents for a few days, where her mom is making all the food she can eat. Mind you, she can only eat a few bites every now and then but I'm sure her mom's making sure those bites are something good.

We talked last night about her daring escape and her freedom, which includes shuffling from her bed to the sofa - it's nice talking to her when she's not doped up on morphine. I told her about the blog entry about all the characters I've played. I said, "I must just look like a bad guy." She said, "Well, I know that's what I found attractive!" She was kidding.

She said, "I'm sure there are other people who know you far better but my guess is that you've probably been through a lot of pain in your life, which gives you a depth of character so you can empathize with these characters."

Depth of character. I like that. That rates right up there with what she said before she went into the hospital, which was, "You made me less nauseous."

Mind you, she hasn't heard the Ken & Rosa story, yet. If she thinks I've been through pain... wait until she hears that.

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