Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Shrub and the need to amend the Constitution...

There's been a lot of talk lately. Most of it is coming from the Religious Right, er, I mean the Republican party. It is being met with anger and contention by the American people.

What I'm talking about is Shrub's plan to amend the Constitution to ban gay marriages.

Only today did I realize that this is a subject I should have written about long ago and that I've been horribly remiss. After all, Tim, my best friend, is gay. He's been my friend for 20 years now and I love him very much. Sure, I wanted to smack him when he told me he was gay but only because he thought I'd hate him because of it. (The dummy!)

People have a responsibility to speak out about this. I do because Tim's gay but it goes beyond that. I'm talking about black people having a responsibility because they, as a group, have been here before. Beyond that, anyone with a religious conviction has a responsibility because there's not a single group that hasn't at one time been prosecuted. Folks, just because you're on top now doesn't mean you weren't down once or can't be down again.

I find it highly ironic that Shrub wants to amend the Constitution when his ilk has been ignoring so much of it for so long. Might as well recreate it in his own hypocritically-Protestant image!

But I say we should amend the Constitution.

Yes, you heard me right.


We should amend it to guaranty liberty and tolerance and freedom for all and protection against small-minded, but extremely powerful, people only looking to forward their own divisive, hate-fueled agendas!

... all I can hope is that Shrub's pissing enough people off to actually vote this time - and get his punk ass out of office!

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