Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Could be stupid… could be less stupid…

Now that I think about it, that could be us. "Stupid" and "Not as Stupid" - you decide who's what.

Vicky and I went to one of those "special" "opportunities" "for couples only" "engaged couples" "lucky couples" "yes, you" "you know you wanna" "it won't hurt" "much" "you pathetic little consumer" "we'll swallow your soul" "KISS THE ETERNAL NOSE-HOLE OF MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!" and went, of course, because we were offered free things.


… I make myself sick.

So, long story short… honest… it was a sales presentation for Royal Prestige and we ended up buying their cookware and their cutlery. (Bottom line: I know cutlery and theirs is pretty good and, from what I know about cookware, theirs doesn't suck, either.)

It cost us a couple thousand dollars.

You may now release the Ken La Salle killing virus… anybody?

Well, we did get a five day vacation package and some other free shit. Okay, that was nice.
But let me take you back to the beginning of the presentation for a minute, okay? Vicky and I walked in, her saying, "I just want the free stuff", and me saying, "It's all a scam, you know?" We were hardened cynics. We were good.

Couple hours later, we were drooling consumers.


No, I don't think we were taken. (Hey, it's about time I got some good pots and pans - Rosa having taken my last set - and I'd lived without good knives for long enough - Rosa, of course, having taken my last set…. What a bitch.) All told, we got out without being too badly butt-loved. Still, I can't believe how quickly our resolved was turned into jello pudding (Insert signature Bill Cosby line here.) and fed back to us.

The end.

Oh, wait. One more thing. An aside. After this past weekend's trip and last night, there's no denying anymore that Vicky and I are a couple. Sure, we fight to the point where I want to KILL HER… but we are SO in this together. It's a nice feeling. She is my copilot… and her t-shirt says "Not as Stupid".

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Fred Mertz said...

Great Now I have to take back your wedding gift... Why don't you guys ever think about outhers??? Now I have to go to the store again...;)