Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Something really interesting just happened.

Sarah, a woman here at work who can best be described as "fucking nut job" because, after all, she did vote for (burning) Bush, came up to me in the breakroom and said, "Ken, when are you going to write another play? I want to see another one of your plays!"

You see, she saw my last two plays.

I was impressed by the reminder that I am not just the guy who's been screwed (over and over and - for the love of lube - OVER) by his employer. I am not just Vicky's hubby-to-be (shooby-dooby). I am not just the ordinary things I think of myself: fat, for instance… though I am… dammit.

I am also a writer who, though I've met with limited success, has actual fans, people who are waiting to see what I have to say next.


… but then, she is Republican.

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Fred Mertz said...

Thats why I read your blog. That and to find stuff to poke fun at you with! :)