Friday, November 05, 2004

Sounds familiar...

I know I've said this before... it's one of the reason I disassociated myself with Christianity... but now Moby is saying it.... so it's not like I'm repeating myself. Listen:

i know we're in our time of repose and healing and whatnot, but i was watching the reverend jerry falwell on tv today and he was talking about 'christian values' and i was outraged. his 'christian values' are:
3-strong national defense
4-pro-death penalty

i've said it before, and i'll say it again, how in the world can the christian right call themselves christian?
where in the teachings of christ does christ talk about:
3-patriotism ?

the election was decided by the christian right, but how in the world are these people actually christians?
i'm sorry, i don't mean to judge, but i've read the gospels quite a few times, and it seems pretty clear that 'christian values' are:
3-caring for the poor
6-serving god

don't get me wrong, i'm not presenting myself as a virtuous, upstanding christian. i'm just saying that it outrages and baffles me that so many millions of americans call themselves christians but yet have belief systems that are seemingly antithetical to the teachings of christ.
i'm going out on a theological limb here, but i do think that christ would be
1-anti war
2-anti death penalty
3-anti capitalist
4-pro environmentalism
5-pro programs that help the poor

so, not to make a pun, but what the hell? how is it that millions of americans call themselves christians but don't seem to incorporate any of christ's teachings into their lives? what do they teach in their churches? how do they get around christ's teachings on: love, forgiveness, pacifism, compassion, anti clericalism, anti-capitalism, etc?

at some point i would really like to debate some conservative christian leaders and ask them how they can call themselves christians and not actually incorporate christs teachings into their teachings and beliefs and actions. and again, i'm not presenting myself as a fantastic, upstanding christian. but just as i'd be dismayed to hear about vegans eating beef i'm also dismayed to hear about christians who are vicious, divisive, pro-war and pro-death penalty. -moby

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