Thursday, November 18, 2004

Everyone Immolate!...

Call it the cynic in me but today I read that they press is calling that poor man who felt he had no choice but to SET HIMSELF ON FIRE IN FRONT OF THE WHITE HOUSE the "White House Immolater".

Okay, let's be clear. He did NOT immolate the White House... they just call him that.

Besides the bastardization of the language - if you want to call it that - it amazes me that nobody sees the bigger picture here. It's amazing to me that nobody has yet said, "Holy shit! We have people setting themselves on fire! Just like in Vietnam! This must mean something!"

No. Better to approach it with zippy catch-phrases like the "White House Immolater".

What's next? The Mass Suicide of Bagdhad?

... not to say that Bagdhad will commit mass suicide...

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