Monday, November 29, 2004

Who are my readers, anyway?...

Sounds like it's time for a quiz or two!!!

Which famous philosopher do you most agree with? (Looks like it pegged my Kant-ian philosophy.)

Try the Belief-O-Matic! (Wow! It pegged me as a Unitarian Universalist at 100%. Theravada Buddhism comes in at only 88%!)

Be sure to put your results in the Comments section!


Anonymous said...

Ken! What have I been telling you for years now?! You're a UU!
Hugs, Lori

Ken said...

Yes, I confess, Lori has been telling me that for years.

In fact, I tried a UU service once, two years ago at the end of Rosa2 (the time I tried to get back together with Rosa)(and damn me for not thinking of such a cool nickname earlier!). It all seemed kinda... what's the word?... oh, yes: fruity. Nobody was burning in hell and everybody should all just get along.

Say what you want about the Whacko Right and those Catholics, they know how to inspire by terror!