Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Here's an interesting sociological experiment: Start carrying a Bible around wherever you go. Make sure everyone can see it. Don't bother reading it or following what it says - just carry it.

How differently will people begin to treat you? How many new friends do you suddenly have?

What the hell does this say about our fucked up society?


Fred Mertz said...

I did, in Vegas. Man I did not get the reaction you are talking about. I was treated like an out-cast. No, really, everyone thought I was saying I was better than them. It was really hard, but it made me grow in my faith.

Ken said...

This was based on the premise that, as Puritan as the US is, people will see the book before they see the cover. (To rip off an old truism.)

Your mileage - especially in Vegas - may vary.