Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Did someone say "Recount"?...

Well, you can thank the Green Party for this one. (And and the Libertarians too... a little.) Turns out there will be a recount in the state of Ohio. With so many discrepancies and so much of the math just WRONG, it seems only right that there should be one.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think this will do a bit of good. I think the Republican Election Machine is in place and working well. Not only do I not see a fair recount occur, I'll even bet anyone who's willing that (burning) Bush gets even MORE votes as a result! Does that mean more people voted for him? Of course, not!

This only serves to solidify my rage towards all Republicans out there. The only ones I've met are either Goose-Steppers (jingoists), Cross-Burners (intolerant), and Child-Starvers (greedy). Once upon a time, there were Republicans who believed in fiscal responsibility but who in the face of the largest deficit in this country's history can possibly claim they voted Pub with such beliefs? Now, more than ever, the Republican party is nothing more than a gang of thugs, sick an evil, and should never be tolerated.

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