Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Red menace redo…

Considering all the recent saber rattling on our part, it should come as no surprise that Russia is deploying a new nuclear weapons system. Hey, they don't want Kiev being the next Fallujah!

It seems about the right time to write something that's been on my mind of late, and that is "War Against Nouns". It's not a new concept, for those of you thinking of the "War on Terror". It goes back more than 50 years. Anyone remember the "War Against Communism"? Some people called it "The Cold War", and that brought us to invade Korea, Vietnam - and, hey, let's not forget Grenada! It lasted more than half a century, absorbed most of our nation's resources as well as thousands of it's lives and was "won" when the USSR was sick of it. It wasn't won because of a decisive blow or because of a great invasion or even because of anyone's statesmanship. It was won because the USSR wanted cars and tvs and bread. We outspent them. It was the war of the credit card.

Now, look at where we are: at war with another noun. Does anyone think for an instant that it won't take as long? That it won't cost as much? That it won't kill as constantly? And does anyone think it will be any more worth it than the previous one? After all, what did the last war on a noun win us? What did we gain? Are we any safer as a result?

Before you answer, reread the first paragraph.

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