Wednesday, March 24, 2004

But at least he was honest...

Yesterday afternoon, I'd had it. I was fed up. I had put up with four years of stupidity, mediocrity, and insensitivity here at NetLink (or whatever networking company this is). I scheduled some time with my boss and, when the time came, strode in.

I told him about the "new" documentation ideas that were going around, ideas I'd been insulted for having for years. I showed him how my ideas were far better, my designs more appealing, my plans more proactive. I displayed for him, over and over, how I'd taken a leadership role in our department. I reminded him how I'd come to his rescue whenever he'd needed copywriting done, or a new idea submitted, or a great tagline developed.

Finally, I made my appeal. I told him that four years with no career path was just too much. I needed to know where I was going with the company and why, time and again, opportunities for advancement were denied me.

And he said, "No, you don't get a career path."

He must have seen my mind reel because he leaned forward and said, "You're going to keep doing what you do and, when it comes time for a raise, you'll make more money."

I was stunned and pulled the only thing I had left out of my hat. "Mike, surely you agree that for anyone to have any motivation they must have a goal to be motivated to. The whole reason I've worked so hard has been in the hope of making some kind of advancement because of the promises that were made -"

"They were made by other people. I can't answer to those."

"I guess what I'm asking is, how can you expect me to give 100% if there's no reward for that."

For some reason, this made him mad - and I guess I should have worded things differently but I didn't really have the time. "You're the only one who comes in here asking for rewards! You do your job right or you're out!"

"I'm not saying I won't -"

"This is a waste of my time. Get out of here."

And that was it. Oh, there was this whole, nonsensical bit he spouted about people who make widgets doing that until they retire but I couldn't follow it because I couldn't see how he could possibly make such a comparison.

So, now I've lost all hope of things working here, too. I've said it before and I'll say it again - this could have all been prevented with a jump over the Grand Canyon.

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