Tuesday, March 16, 2004

How old am I?...

After days of rottenness (it's a word, right?), I finally have some positive news to report about yesterday.

First, and to some best, I'm happy to report that SCTV will finally be coming to dvd! This is like manna from geek heaven! SCTV was one of the first shows to announce loud and proud that geeks (and even dorks) can be funny - not just funny looking! It gave me the guts to first think I could be funny... which was both a blessing and a curse, but we'll not go there.

You can bet I'll go into debt picking these bad boys up.

Last night was the first in a long, grueling, two week long hell-week. I'm sure the My Sides in a couple weeks will be entertainingly... confusing.

(So, no change.)

When I went into rehearsal last night, Teri was sitting with Ray, one of the theater's board members, and told me that a reporter was coming in to take some pre-production shots. "We've got all the information for him but - how old are you?"

Oy, that question. How I hate that question. I always think that when I tell people they think, "You're 38 and you have no kids? You live alone with cats? You have a dead-end job? Oh, I hate to think what your life will be like in twenty years!" I mean, that's what I think!

So, as usual, I asked, "Oh, how old do you think I am?"

Teri said, "You're 30, right?"

I looked at Ray. "What do you think?"

"Oh, well, I'd say... yeah, 30 sounds right."

"Thirty-eight," I told them. "Thank you, ladies."

Oh, to be 30 again! When I was thirty, I was buying my first house with Rosa. We would sit in our car across the street (where I sit not when I go in the middle of the night, crying and smoking) and dream out loud about the things we'd do and how happy we'd be. It was around my thirtieth birthday when we moved in. We had a huge housewarming party. The first night we were there, we slept upstairs on some old sofas we'd been given. We were happy.

Eight years ago.

And if I was 30 now? Well, I wouldn't be twice Clair's age. (Clair is the girl who plays Stella... the girl who is so amazingly beautiful, she attracts sunlight.) But would I date her? I don't know. Maybe I would still be young enough to think that a little more effort might win Rosa back.

Oh, to dream.

Still, it's nice to be thirty to someone... even if I'm not.

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