Monday, March 29, 2004

Opening Weekend...

Well, it's Monday morning again, dear friends... and we need to get together to prevent this terrible tragedy! Stop having Monday mornings. Wouldn't we all be much happier?

Anyway, another weekend is behind us. What a weekend! Opening weekend! Whew!

You know, some shows are a cake walk and I can do them without any real preparation. This show... well, with this show I actually get nervous and afraid I'm going to forget my lines!

We were sold out this entire weekend. It's great to play for full houses - and for those of you still wondering from the last paragraph, no, I didn't screw up.

We had reviewers from the Daily Pilot and the Register there. Hopefully, we'll see good reviews soon.

As for me, I enjoyed the rest of the time: sleeping in on Saturday, cooking myself a real dinner on Sunday - couldn't be beat!

Oh, sure. I had my off moments... such as 2:00 this morning when the voice started screaming at me to go to Rosa's. Oh, I fought it - and, after about an hour, went back to sleep.

So, that was the weekend in a nutshell. I keep them in nutshells because... well, what else you gonna do with nutshells?

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