Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The Girl with the Knife...

Last night... another night of rehearsal... another in the continuing exercise in masochism that is Howard Holt, my character in Something to Hide.

I'm on stage with Karen (actually, it's Christie - the character's name is Karen) and I reveal the BS (er, Big Secret). She picks up a knife and runs at me with it...

See, the blocking had her picking up the knife and taking a few steps my way. I would then take her arm - the arm that held the knife - and say, "Let go."

She picked up the knife and ran at me and I - who surprisingly did not scream and run - grabbed her arm and yelled, "Let go!!" - the knife only inches from my face!

Nothing will get you into character like a knife about to be plunged into you!

I thought I got immersed in a role. This woman meant business!!!

Sure, thankfully, we were using construction scissors instead of a real knife and they were so dull they wouldn't cut paper but she was using them with intent! I'd never been so scared of construction scissors in my life!

... and I dread to think what will happen when that's a real knife!

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