Thursday, March 18, 2004

Sick in de head...

Okay, it's been a couple days since you last heard from me. Sorry.

I got this migraine headache Tuesday night and, after having half my brain drool out my left ear, had to put myself back together again. It took a while.

A couple of notes:

1) All directors are pricks. You heard it here first. I'm so fucking sick of acting, you have no idea. I want to get back to my writing - NOW! Why are they like is? What turned my present director, Teri, into one? Well, we're nearing "Hell Week" and she's getting tense... and her real self is coming out. We'll leave it at that, for now.

2) I hate playing Howard Holt. It takes hours afterwards before I stop feeling like I'm covered in oily shit.

3) And another thing - this play needs to end right away. Clair has been absolutely bedazzled... and she's young enough to be my daughter. Beam me up, Scotty!!!

4) Is it any wonder, in the midst of this, that I feel reality breaking apart once again? Last night, I stepped back into high school for a few seconds. I was walking down the hall at the theater and, next thing I knew, I was outside of Valley High School's cafeteria. I could see it, hear the sounds, smell the air. Thankfully, I'd grabbed onto the stair rail because, when I came back, I nearly collapsed.

5) I finally saw the trailer for Adaptation. It opens with Under Pressure by Queen (aka "Ice Ice Baby" folks) - sounds like Falling Together to me.

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